¿Thinking of flying with us?

Frequently asked questions

How long will take the full experience? How long will be time on air?

Usually, from Buenos Aires down town, this experience will take around 4 to 5 hours. Flight time would be around 45 minutes within Gold service up to 1 hour 10 minutes within Premium service, but also according to weather and geographic reasons.

Where will we take off?

Balloon flights will take off from Provincial Road 39, Km. 11 th ., at Rinconcito country side restaurant, Capilla del Señor, Buenos Aires Province.

How we can reach Rinconcito restaurant?

We offer an on demand transfer from and to Buenos Aires city. Ask about cost and conditions. If you wish to go by yourself, from Buenos Aires City we suggest to head to Panamerican HWY and then to Pilar access, then to National HWY 8 up to Provincial Route 39, then reach Km 11 th heading to Capilla del Señor.

Days and time to fly with us

We are operating from Monday to Sunday, taking off 2 hours after sunrise and 2 hours before sunset. We strongly recommend to contact us to check about availability and weather conditions.

What if I have doubts about weather?

We strongly recommend to check with us 24 hours before flight scheduled.

What kind of certifications holds the aircraft and the pilot in command?

The aircraft holds a valid certificate of airworthiness issued by Argentinean civil aviation authority, a Type Certificate issued by FAA from USA and the Argentinean validation of the Type Certificate. The pilot holds a valid commercial hot air balloon license, as well as an updated medical certificate.

What is the best way to be dressed? What I can bring with me on board?

We suggest to be dressed on layers, at least one long leaves so you can add or get off your clothes according to your needs as well as a sport hat or cup. It is recommended to use flat shoes or tennis and pants in order to climb comfortably to the basket. Bags are not allowed without confirmation from the pilot in command. Small camera bags as well as tablets bags are recommended.

¿From what age can kids fly? ¿to what age?

Company policy states that children must be older than 9 year. Only the pilot in command may do an exception if flight conditions at take off time. Anyhow all minors must fly within their parents. There is no limit to old persons, but as for each situation, the pilot will be the only one to determine if according to passenger age it is safe to start the fight. If the pilot determines that it is no safe to perform the flight because age or other condition, the flight will be rescheduled. Pregnant persons could not fly within our balloons. Every women must inform about this condition at he time of take off. Reschedule policy will be applied.

Id and company waiver

All passengers must show their personal Identification to the pilot. All passengers must sign the waiver form before flight and follow pilot instructions given within the briefing as well as during flight. Parents must sign the waiver form for their children.